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12 January 2021
Meet GCS Foundation Course Instructor, Gwilym Davies
We're thrilled to introduce World Barista Competition Head Judge and SCA Trainer, Gwilym Davies, as the instructor of the GCS Fundamentals Course.
As a World Barista Competition Winner (2009) and Head Judge, Coffee Masters Head Judge and current expert MC, authorised SCA Trainer for baristas, brewing and sensory, café owner and more, we’re thrilled to officially introduce Gwilym Davies as the instructor of our Home Coffee Training: The Fundamentals 8-week Foundation Course.

Gwilym has spent years refining his coffee craft and technique and is excited to share them with a global audience. Prior to the course launch in February 2021, we talked to Gwilym about what excites him the most about the GCS and what makes him the perfect fit for the role. Read what he had to say below.

1. Tell us about some of your achievements within the industry that you’re most proud of?

Surviving in the coffee industry has been an achievement on its own! Specialty coffee is a relatively young industry without established career progression and often without training to support the various roles. Things have got better in recent years but progressing within the industry is still a difficult task.

Also winning the UK and World Barista Championship in 2009 — I had never competed before and the journey was a bit of a whirlwind, but it gave me the opportunity to travel to over 40 countries to learn, teach and make coffee. It got me involved in research projects and new opportunities that expanded the little bubble I had been stuck in for the previous 10 years.

2. What most excites you about The Global Coffee School?

I really like that the knowledge and experience Allegra has gained from producing global Coffee Festivals (and features within them, like Coffee Masters) combined with the network of people and professionals involved is going to create an accessible and fun platform for coffee education.

It’s an obvious fit — the coffee festivals are about creating an accessible experience full of information and this is an opportunity to share that in a focused and fun educational programme.

3. Why should someone register for The GCS?

The information that will be taught draws on and is a culmination of my 23 years in the coffee industry and the experience, expertise and learnings from the producers of the biggest coffee festivals around the globe. The lessons are clear and concise and will provide value for coffee lovers of all levels.

The Home Coffee Training: The Fundamentals 8-week Foundation Course launches in February 2021. Register for the course here.
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