World class online coffee education and barista skills training for everyone, taught by the experts
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The Global Coffee School 2021 - Launching January

Home Barista Foundation Course

Home Coffee Training
The Fundamentals
An 8-week cutting-edge course in the 'at home' mastery of coffee and barista skills, led by world-renowned Gwilym Davies.
World Class Online Learning


Latest GCS News
Meet GCS Foundation Course Instructor, Gwilym Davies
We're thrilled to introduce World Barista Competition Head Judge and SCA Trainer, Gwilym Davies, as the instructor of the GCS Fundamentals Course.

Home Barista Advanced Courses

Advanced Home Training
The fundamentals of sensory science, evaluation, profiling and tasting, including a deep dive into detecting aromas and identifying flavours in coffee at home.
Advanced Home Training
Espresso & Latte Art
Advanced training in pulling the perfect espresso, preparing barista-quality espresso-based drinks and creating incredible latte art at home.
Advanced Home Training
Drink Design & Mixology
Coffee mixology, drink design and using coffee as an ingredient – advanced theory, techniques, tips and recipes to take your home coffee practise and rituals to a whole new level.
Advanced Home Training
Vegan Coffee Craft
The ultimate plant-based home barista training course fusing the world of coffee, milk alternatives and non-dairy ingredients – recipes, techniques, latte art, vegan drink design.
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Alpro plant-based drinks are created with baristas (and home baristas!) in mind.
Coffee Equipment
Make cafe-quality coffee at home with innovative, easy-to-use equipment from Sage.
Coffee cocktails 101: learn how to step-up your coffee mixology skills with the help of Kahlúa.
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The Global Coffee School provides world class HOME Coffee, Barista and ‘Beyond Coffee’ education, learning, training and experiences for everyone, designed to ignite passions and inspire  progress and development
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